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Purim in

  1939 was a drawn-out affair

family tickets split into Irish Sweepstakes fractions

  of incalculable worth

No sexy manipulator for Adolph here

a nation of

  Hammans and their ilk

proclaiming innocence through




which worked

especially as the Ratzingers and Waldheims survived

  to flog their virtues.

We tried disguises

  my mother, blond, blue-eyed, busty

couldn’t possibly be a yid

  so her family had potatoes

  cousins were smuggled jewels and money

all pointless

flailing   in the face of a train

  a car

     a naked, scared shower

gasping for the air their luck would never grant.

Shlomi, at 52, is still the mentally limber man he knows he is

... the physical specimen is _very_ hopeful.